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Today is our second wedding anniversary. We commemorated the event on Saturday, since that made more sense and Ben is working tonight, but even so.

In two years, we've had one child and are expecting a second in the near future. We've moved north, closer to family. We've been in and out of a couple different colleges. We've picked up and dropped hobbies. We've bought one major appliance, and a car that is quickly becoming too small. We've bugged the crap out of each other, had fun together, cried together, and turned two disparate lives into one.

I can honestly say these last two years have encompassed the greatest permanent change and upheaval of my life. I've turned into a mother, which has fundamentally altered the fabric of who I am. Besides being really awesome at changing diapers, I've learned about as much as anyone can about the workings of the little person currently asleep in the other room. He's a toddler now, no matter how much I call him a baby. I'm happy watching him grow up, but it's a little sad to let the baby go. But then, in the next month or so I get to start the whole thing over again with a brand new little person, who is almost guaranteed to be completely different.

Ben and I are still learning each other. Sometimes I think I'll never really know what's going on in his head, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I might get bored. For the most part we've found a way to comfortably mold ourselves around each other, but it's a work in progress. We still piss each other off sometimes, though usually it's due to a miscommunication. Or my hormones. I have lots of those.

We're a real family, and I wouldn't trade it for anything, not on this world or any other.


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