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quick updates

This morning I mailed off transcript requests to BYU and PQ, so that I can transfer to Weber State University. I'm excited.

School is in the air- Ben has successfully enrolled in a paralegal studies program, which he will begin in April. I am in process of getting transferred to Weber, where I will continue my secondary education... education. Granted, it'll be difficult because come September we'll have a 3 month old baby, along with Darius, who will be 18 months. But I'm willing to deal and go to school anyway, so long as Weber is ok with me carrying around an infant. For the first semester, I'm not ok leaving her at home, because I think that's just too young. I fully intend to exclusively breastfeed until she's 6 months, too, so I need to keep her close anyway.

My sewing machine died just before I finished this cute little dress I'm making for December. However, there is hope! I'm gonna get a new machine! YAY! With decorative stitches and an automatic buttonhole function! I can not overestimate the importance of automatic buttonholes. Doing them manually sucks. A lot.

I have heartburn, despite taking a wee pink heartburn pill twice a day. I am perturbed. Not to mention feeling rather gross. I hope I'm not getting sick, which would put a real damper in our Valentine plans. We're going to see Sherlock Holmes. :) Robert Downey Jr. makes me so happy. Granted, I've only seen him in Iron Man, but since that movie rocked my socks I'm more than willing to go see something else starring him. Of course I'd see it anyway, because Sherlock Holmes is the awesome, but that's a moot point, because so is Robert Downey Jr.

My son is waili9ng because he thinks I've abandoned him. I should go save him from baby jail.


Feb. 28th, 2010 04:18 am (UTC)
Weeeeellll, I did have to go the rounds with them to get my driver's ed info, which was pretty traumatic, hopefully this won't be all that bad.



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