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The past week has been immensely over the top insane. I've never been this busy during a break before.

Christmas was had and enjoyed, of course. We spent Christmas Eve with my family, which meant opening presents, eating tasty food, and trying not to strangle my younger siblings. Christmas Day, Ben woke me up a 7:30, over the moon that it was finally Christmas. Darius, despite determinedly unwrapping things when I was trying to wrap them, wasn't too enthusiastic about unwrapping his own presents. Go figure. Ben and I exchanged gifts with each other and Brandon, and then spent the rest of the day over at Ben's parents' playing Lego Star Wars. Much good loots were had. Being the geek that I am, I was most excited about the huge pile of scrapbooking stuff my MIL gave me. Papers! And ribbon! And storage! EEEE!! I also used a bunch of Christmas money from my grandmother to buy supplies, and have been doing little else for the past couple days. When I'm at home, anyway.

The day after Christmas, Ben's grandmother passed away after a long illness. The family coalesced around my MIL, who had been her caretaker for years. There was some mild drama, but funeral arrangements were made and she was laid to rest on the afternoon of New Years Eve. It seemed auspicious to me. Ben was entirely dry-eyed after her death, as she was quite old and missed her late husband desperately, but at the funeral he cried. Old or not, she's still Grandma, and we'll all miss her.

After all the funerary events were over, we gathered at the house yet again to stay up all night and celebrate the New Year, recent loss notwithstanding. I ended up crashing on the living room couch until just before midnight. Darius stayed awake pretty much until 1am, and loved every blessed second of it. Eventually, peeved at his refusal to wind down, I basically held him down while he threw a temper tantrum and then fell asleep. I hate having to do it, but not as much as I hate having to keep a 10 month old boy out of the dog dishes in the middle of the night, when he should be long asleep.

Today, I've done laundry. Yay.

So, on we go to the new year.




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